The Amazon Seller App is a real-time mobile scouting app that is directly produced and supported by Amazon and their internal data.  The Amazon Seller App runs on the Apple IOS as well as Android platforms.   Amazon Seller App is absolutely free but does require a pro merchant account that costs $39.99/month but also eliminates a $0.99/item transaction fee.

Updated: This app does currently support external Bluetooth scanners and there is no cost associated with them.

Speed of the app while scanning.  The Amazon Seller App is not the fastest scanning app around but does the job and is always accurate, always.  It uses an internal redline barcode reader to gather the data so you need to be fully aligned when reading a barcode.

IMG_2031Since this is the only app fully supported and offered by Amazon, the information has a 99.99% accuracy rate only accounting for possibilities of internal Amazon errors.

As you can see with some of the screenshots the Amazon Seller App is very clean just like Amazon, the website.  It utilizes their standard white background with black numbers and letters.  One of the only downsides of the app is that it takes a lot of clicks to get to the information you need.

For the item on this app, I chose to search for a heat gun.  I ended up choosing the one with the best rank which happened to be the Wagner 1,200 Watt heat gun, with a rank of #100 in Home Improvement.  I actually chose this heat gun asIMG_2032 well because it is the one I currently own and use.

So, as we can see, the information we get is relatively similar to the other apps.  We get low price, number of sellers in FBA and new, as well as the current Amazon price if they sell it.

One of the best features and pieces of information from the Amazon Seller App is that we know the data is accurate.  This can give sellers the confidence that they are purchasing with the most accurate data available to them at that time.

Another feature we have with the Amazon Seller App is that there is a breakdown of the fees associated and it tells you exactly what profit you will have.  Again while it may not have exactly as deep of a breakdown as some of the other apps, we know the data is accurate.

Also, one of the aspects of the Amazon Seller App that is a great piece of information for any seller is the selling eligibility page.  This gives you information and lets you know if you are able to list an item for sale and what condition you can do so.  For people that are approved in gated categories this will tell you that you can sell there, and for others, it will say not approved.  This can help cutting down on the situations where you find a great item only to see that you are not approved to sell in the condition you want. This feature is one of the main reasons I place value in this app.

IMG_2033Since this app is created and operated by Amazon and since the data is always accurate it does not need to link to other companies to give sellers more data to make buying decisions.  While for Amazon it may be unneeded, for sellers it leaves a little to be desired since we all know everyone likes more data when making decisions.

Lastly the key feature that this app contains is the ability to look into your Amazon sales account on the go without visiting the full site.  Things you can check are: any messages you received, current available inventory, product searches, as well as contacting Amazon.  This is one of the aspects that make this app great. Not only do I now have fully accurate data in my hands, but I can also access my sales IMG_2035account whenever, wherever.

Overall my thoughts on the app.  I love the Amazon Seller App, this app is great for getting fully accurate information when making purchasing decision.  I mainly use this as a backup app to my other devices and I think everyone should have this downloaded if you have a pro merchant account.  It is a great weapon to keep in the arsenal.  The only difficulty of this app in using it as a main scouting source is it takes multiple clicks to get to the data that matters to you as a seller the most.  This can be valuable time that we don’t want to waste just clicking on a smart phone.  This is the main reason I only use this app for either certain items I want to check for my approval on or as a back up to my main sources.

Thanks for reading and please leave your own reviews below.

Amazon Seller App


Readability of App


Accuracy of Information




Price (Based on App Alone)


Overall System Value



  • Most Accurate Data
  • Clean Interface
  • Can View Seller Account


  • Take a Lot of Clicks
  • No External Sources