In this review post I will be reviewing the repricing service that I am using which is Appeagle.  For anyone unfamiliar, a repricer is a software service that will automatically update your prices on amazon based on certain rules that you set.  Depending on the repricer and plan you choose, the updating can happen hourly, continuously, or at other set intervals.

Currently, I am using Appeagles basic repricing service, which is hourly repricing on one marketplace for up to 10,000 listings.  This is the service that I will be basing the review on, so keep that in mind if you would be choosing a different plan than what I am subscribed to.

Upon signing up for Appeagle, my amazon listings were imported into their system where I could begin assigning them to repricing profiles.   A repricing profile is essentially a list of the rules that you want the repricer to follow to change the prices on your amazon items.  With Appegale, you have the ability to have your prices adjusted on your items based on a large variety of factors.  The default way to have your prices is adjusted is based off of the current low price on amazon.  You can change many factors to determine which price your prices will be adjusted based on, including: seller feedback, fulfillment method, if the seller is amazon, among others.  Once you have all of this set, you have to decide how you want your prices changed based on the rules you have set for prices to compete against.   Your options are to be either a certain amount higher than, a certain amount lower than, or to match the competition.  If going higher or lower, you can choose either an absolute dollar amount or a percentage.  My personal preference is to have the vast majority of my listings priced between 1 and 2% higher than the lowest FBA seller who meets my requirements.  I should note that you can also use enable a feature to let Appeagle decide their ideal settings to have your listing positioned in the buy box.

Appeagle will not begin repricing any of your items until you have set a minimum price for your items, and it will continue to only reprice items that have a minimum price assigned.  This means that no repricing will happen until you setup your minimum prices, and also means that you dont have to have Appeagle run on your entire inventory.

Appeagle requested that I limit screenshots to a minimum to not giveaway any trade secrets, so there wont be too many included in this post.  Here is one that gives you an idea of how you assign listings to repricing profiles once you have created one and your inventory is imported (click to enlarge):

Listing list

This screenshot is from a page that displays all of my listings, and gives you an idea of what this looks like within the account.  The condition, marketplace type, your price, competition, live, and status are all pulled directly from amazon.   The profile, min price, and max price you have the ability to edit.  In this view you have the ability to set/edit the repricing profile that your listing is assigned to as well as the minimum price that you are willing to sell for.  In the example above, you can see that my minimum price is set at $29.99, and the competition is at $20.99, so currently that item is not being repriced as the competition is below my minimum price.   Its important to remember that an item will not be repriced until you assign it to a profile and set a minimum price.

Setting up profiles and assigning listings to them is the main thing that has to be done when setting up Appeagle.  After that, its mainly maintaining your listings, and continuing to set minimum prices and assign profiles as you add additional inventory.

Now, lets take a look at a portion of the Appeagle dashboard upon logging into the account (click to enlarge):


As you can see from this, Appeagle shows you your average buy box percentage based on your total number of active amazon listings.  You can see from this chart that according to appeagle my offers are displayed in the buy box 14-16% of the time on average.  The dashboard also shows other information such as the number of pricing changes that have been made on your behalf, which for me is generally at least 500.   It also provides hot links to items that you have not set minimum prices for, as well as a hot link to items where your listing is at the minimum price so that you can consider changing your settings.

Those are just a few of the features that Appeagle has and you can see all of them for yourself if you do the free trial.  There are a couple main things that I like about using a repricer and Appeagle in particular, the first is I am able to setup listings once, and the second is that prices get repriced up and not just down.

To elaborate on setting up prices once, I am able to assign a listing to profile and set my minimum price one time and Appeagle will take care of the rest.  In the past I would have to manually reprice items many times depending on how long they were in my inventory.  Now I invest a little bit more time upfront, and I rarely have to touch the same listing twice.

The other key feature that I like is the ability to have items repriced up as well as down.  I have had many items that have sold for significantly more than what I initially listed it for.  On items where you have a large quantity of this is particularly helpful.  For example I purchased several hundred of an item for $4.95 that often has competition with a low of $22.89 who often sell out.  Whenever they sell out I have my price raised to my max price of $26.99.  When the competition is in stock I sell my items around $23.19, and when they are out of stock I sell for $26.99, and Appeagle takes care of these pricing changes automatically.  Having a repricer on items such as this when you have hundreds, helps immensely, and makes sure that I am always getting the maximum possible for my items based on the competition.

The only complaint I have is that occasionally Appeagle can be slow to load my listings.  I also would like to see more functionality in terms of the ability to sort listing by category when assigning profiles.  Overall, I am very happy with Appeagle as my repricer.  It is the first repricer I have used, and has not given me any reasons to look elsewhere.

I am rating this service 8.5 out of 10.  If you are a user of this service please consider leaving a review below!

You can signup for a free trial below, and if you can use the coupon code OSR50 for 50% off your first month if you decide to continue paying for the service.






  • Automates Repricing
  • User Friendly Interface


  • Occasionally Loads Slow