In this review I will be going over the DYMO 450 Turbo Labelwriter thermal printer.  The review will contain some of the features of the DYMO printer ending with my personal experiences with one.

The DYMO 450 Turbo is a thermal label printer that can be used to print FBA item labels, it measures about 6” wide, 8” deep, and 6” tall.

The DYMO 450 Turbo can print up to 71 labels per minute with the 4-line address/FBA item labels, compared to just 51 per minute with the standard DYMO 450.

The DYMO 450 Turbo can hold one single spool of labels at a time.  There are many different labels that can be used and DYMos website contains a list of the options.  The spools can also be changed to print USPS approved stamps.

DYMO suggests that you purchase only DYMO approved labels as they work and integrate the best with their printers, but 3rd party labels are readily available as well.

Hook-up with computer is done through a USB cord and the software CD that comes with a purchase of a new DYMo printer.  There are step by step instructions to help get this setup the first time.

Personally for me I love my DYMO printer.  One thing that I did have trouble with is 3rdparty labels, some 3rd party labels will cause it to skip a label every now and then and sometimes quite often.  As stated previously the best labels to use are the DYMO brand ones themselves, but I have seemed to find 3rd party labels that to work without hardly any skipping and have used over 1000 with little to no trouble.

Lastly ease of use, the DYMO 450 hooked up instantly with my laptop and I had it running with the listing system InventoryLab in no time.  Before I purchased the my DYMO I was printing 30-up labels from my standard ink printer.  This was a huge time investment and extremely tedious and wasteful.  The first shipment after I bought the DYMO my fellow FBA friends and said I should’ve bought this a year ago and would’ve paid double.  For someone who purely uses it for printing FBA item labels this printer is great.

I have personally used both the Single and Twin Turbo DYMO 450’s and cannot say enough good things about them, I currently use the Twin Turbo purely for the fact that I do not need to swap label spools as often.

Video will be coming shortly.

Dymo 450 Turbo





  • Fast!
  • More Convenient Than Other Options
  • Very Cost Effective


  • Runs Out Of Labels Quickly
  • 3rd Party Labels Occasionally Fail