“Liquidation Gold” is one of the many resources regarding online selling by Jessica Larrew. This was actually the first online selling resource I ever purchased and that was back in July of 2013.

The basic premise of “Liquidation Gold” is for the most part given away in the title, it is about sourcing deep on single products through liquidation type stores.  While most might think, duh, that is obvious the author brings up ideas that may not be immediately thought of when attempting to purchase liquidation items.

Liquidation Gold starts off with the author giving an introduction of herself and her business showing some screenshot of her past few years as an online seller, the most recent of which 2012 where she had over $270,000 in sales.

The main bullet points covered in this eBook are questions such as, What is a liquidation store? and How do I find one? The book also covers in detail everything from the types of products you can expect to find there, as well as what to do with damaged, high ranked or add-on only items, bulk purchases and multipacks, and how often to shop at the same stores. For an easier understanding of the topics covered I will go over them one at a time more in depth.

First what are liquidation stores and how to find them.  The author describes liquidation stores as places where big box retailers send items that did not sell or are near expiration.  While the author does not directly link to any specific stores she buys from, she does give a few keywords and ideas that can be searched to find stores in your area.

The author then talks about the types of items she finds at her local stores.  Early in the eBook, items are just briefly mentioned while later on she goes deep into a few examples of items that she purchased.  One of which being a pallet of ketchup bottles totaling over 1,800 units.  With these examples she goes in depth into what the item is with screen shots from Amazon talking about the sales rank how she was selling it and the profit that was made.  Now specific examples may not do much in terms of looking for products to buy but it gives you an idea of what types of items you can expect at liquidation and grocery liquidation stores.  There are many pages that are spread out in the eBook explaining different items that can be found, summarized shortly there are health and personal care, grocery, toys, baby products and even electronics, so there is a wide variety of items that can be found. What you find will really depend on the quality of the store and your location.

Along with showing some specific items that were purchased, the author talks strategy for selling when you buy a large quantity of items.  One of these strategies is creating multi-packs to give you multiple listings to sell on and have a better chance of clearing your inventory faster, and also possibly make more per item.

Lastly, the author talks a little about her business model and the decision process she goes through when choosing what items to buy and the quantity.

As a disclaimer, this eBook contains mostly personal experience situations from the author and is less a guide on how to, but more of education on what she has done to be successful when purchasing through the liquidation market.  The author gives many tips and tricks, without giving too many secrets, that you will need to implement on your own, in your own area to become successful.

My personal opinion on “Liquidation Gold” is, while there is no earth shattering type of moment that you come across while reading, it is a quality eBook for people not familiar with liquidation buying.  For the price of the book and the information that you receive I believe it is worth the cost.  I have read Liquidation Gold about 3 times and while I may not learn anything new after the first go through, the reminders of some search topics and tactics for finding stores in my area are good enough for me.  Sometimes all you need as a seller is a little guidance and you can go from there. Happy Hunting!

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