Profit Bandit is the real-time mobile scouting app created by SellerEngine.  The cost is $9.99/month, it is available to download for free and can be used for up to 10 item scans per week for no charge.

Profit runs on the Apple iOS platform as well as the Android platform.  For this review the screenshots are from an iPhone.  Also to utilize the Profit Bandit mobile app you must have an Amazon pro merchant account which costs $39.99/month but also eliminates a $.99 per item transaction fee.

In order to utilize an external Bluetooth scanning device Profit Bandit has a cost of $50 to get that integrated to the fullest capabilities.

Speed of the scanner.  Profit Bandit has undoubtedly the fastest response rate for its in phone and external scanners.  While this may only save you a few seconds for each scan, with the number of scan I make this can save a lot of time and irritation.  This is one of the key factors, along with price in Profit Bandit continuing to be a popular choice.

IMG_2028So as you can see with the images below Profit Bandit does not seem to have to cleanest or most organized looking interface, but it does the job.  From top to bottom it utilizes a wide array of colors with mainly white and gray backgrounds.

For this example we searched for the Scotty Peeler sticker peeling device. As you can see when doing the search in Profit Bandit we see that a number of different listings came up.  These listings show the item rank, number of estimated sellers and category, as well as a two line item description.  In this case we chose the top ranking Scotty Peeler set with a rank of #3535 in the Home category.

With the next image we can see the ways Profit Bandit codes to tell readers who is selling the item. The way Profit Bandit tells a viewer who is selling what is with a brown highlight and an asterisk symbol.  The brown highlight is Profit Bandit telling you that Amazon is a seller of the item, while the asterisk indicates the seller who has the current buy box.

With our example picture of the Scotty Peeler we see that Amazon is not selling the item, which is accurate and the current buy box is a price of $8.39.  But in this case it shows that 3 sellers have the buy box.IMG_2029  When reviewing the data while writing this review, the actual buy box was a seller at the price of $8.40 via FBA which was not even listed as one of the sellers shown by Profit Bandit.  This could be for a number of reasons, the buy box continuously rotates sellers if they are within a certain price range of each other or Profit Bandit has inaccurate data.

Also within this screenshot we can see that Profit Bandit shows the exact number of sellers and the lowest price but below only gives you five prices to review.  One of the nice things about Profit Bandit is that it shows you the weight of the item as well as if it its standard or oversized.  This can be a key factor in deciding whether or not to make a purchase.  Lastly down at the bottom you can see the breakdown in profit as well as enter the buy cost.  If you click on the profit # the screen on the side shows up this gives you a breakdown of how much profit you will make based on the fees for either merchant or FBA sold items.

Last I want to take a look at some of the features and external sources that Profit Bandit has built in.  As you can from the screenshot here we have a scanned history which can go back a hundred scans.  Also we have an array of external sources, we can instantly go to all PriceGrabber, instantly go to the details page on CamelCamelCamel, quickly check BookFinder, PriceWatch, PaperBackSwap, eBay and even Google.  These sources all operate within the Profit Bandit app so no extra browsers are opened up when doing these searches.  And with that one of the MOST valuable features that Profit Bandit has built in which is the back button.  You can now go back to a previous screen anytime you are using any of these external sources or even within a product detail page.  This really comes in handy when scanning items that may contain either singles or arrays of multi-packs.

Overall my thoughts on Profit Bandit are relatively good.  I used this app for the first 6 months of my online selling adventures and it rarely failed me.  One of the small downsides to Profit Bandit is that it will occasionally come back with an error message saying a barcode could not be found, only to later scan that same barcode with a different app and have results come up.  This can be an issue at times but doingIMG_2030 a quick verbal search instead of barcode number can solve the problem and give you an accurate answer.  Based on price alone Profit Bandit is one of the best choices, while it previously was offered for a one time purchase of $15 and recently switch to a $9.99/month cost it is still well worth it compared to some of the other main options available.  Like the other apps the company that operates Profit Bandit, called SellerEngine has other applications available for purchase such as a repricer and FBA shipment manager, since these extra applications are priced independently they will not be included in the ratings.

Thanks for reading and please leave your own reviews below.

Profit Bandit


Readability of App


Accuracy of Information




Price $9.99/Mo (Based on App Alone)


Overall Company Value



  • Low Cost
  • Very Fast


  • Not the Cleanest Look
  • Accuracy of Info Not the Greatest
  • Lack of Quality External Sources