ScanPower Mobile is the real time mobile scanning app by the company ScanPower.  The cost is $39.95/month or $400/year.  Also, you can try it for FREE with a five day trial period.

To utilize the ScanPower mobile scouting app you must also be have an Amazon pro merchant account which costs $39.99/month but also eliminates a $0.99/item transaction fee.

The ScanPower mobile app works on IOS as well as iPad and Android platforms.

With ScanPower you can either use the internal barcode reader within your camera or an external Bluetooth connected scanning device.  There is no extra cost affiliated with the external device.

IMG_2047First off as you can see in the screenshots below, ScanPower is a very clean looking application mainly based on white and gray scales with prices and categories, a large picture as well as weight, rank category and Amazon size.  I would say this app is equally on par with the other apps in terms of how it looks and navigates.

Speed of scanning.  ScanPower seems to be one of the slower apps when it comes to the speed of being able to scan a barcode with the internal phone camera.  There seem to be spurts where the speed of scanning is fast and certain times where the speed becomes agonizingly slow. This mainly occurs on the Android phones since that uses a redline barcode reader, whereas the iPhone IOS uses an imager that read the barcodes much faster but just up to similar speeds as the others.IMG_2045

One positive aspect of ScanPower is that it rarely comes back with data errors.  After scanning with this app for over three months, I received a less than 1% product not found rate.  if there is a listing, chances are the ScanPower will find it. The data is similar to the other apps in that there can be flaws due to grabbing info through linking with Amazon. This one seems to be accurate with the most product information the majority of the time.

For the example here, we searched for Chris Green’s (the owner of ScanPower) book called Online Arbitrage.  The search brought back a few results that weren’t completely specific to the searches but also contained a few of his other older books with similar titles.  For this example, we chose the top one with a rank of #36,573 in books.  When doing the search the results come back with an unlimited line title as well as category, rank and number of total offers.

Now let’s take a look at the screen once the item is selected.  As we can see here, the app provides the exact weight of the item, the current ranking and the category it is in, we also see the size of the item categorized by Amazon.  We get to see Amazon listed as a separate seller up top, and we get to see New used Collectible and FBA listings on the bottom, also we get to see the net payout for each price that is listed under the FBA listings.  Along with this there is the buy cost box as well as a hotlist to other sources.

These other sources include general eBay, eBay completed items, CamelCamelCamel, Keepa and the ability to instantly Google the title.  In addition, you can sell it now if you use ScanPower’s listing service.  With IMG_2044the external applications this app has the cleanest looking list and the addition of being able to go directly to the eBay completed section saves a minute when doing that type of search.

One area where ScanPower lacks a little is the fees breakdown area.  It is limited to see what fees, if any, may occur. You just have to trust the data and know that the payout number is accurate that they are giving you.  This is a minor detail to many sellers but can be an issue if numbers are your thing.

Another area where ScanPower may lose a lot of points is it does not have any type of back button to get back to your searches page.  In order to check multiple listing for times when you are reviewing multi-packs you must rescan the item and click the listing you want to view each time. This can be a time consumer and a minor annoyance.

Overall, I feel that ScanPower is equally on par to the other scanning applications available.  It does nothing amazing but does not fail in any category either.  I used ScanPower for about 4-5 months as my main scanning app and it was largely great.  However, another aspect that I dislike about ScanPower is having the Amazon price in a different area than all the other listings.  This generally does not catch my eye and it is not the first place I will look when making purchasing decisions.  Another downside I see is that the cost is almost $40/mo. and you only get access to the mobile application.  That being said, ScanPower as a company is very experienced and has been in the marketplace for many years and has great customer service and reputation to back them up.  And while ScanPower the company does offer many other services such as a web searching tool, listing service, and a repricer, all of the other applications are priced independently.  You do get discounts for bundling multiple service options which can be beneficial for a subscriber.  ScanPower is a great app in total, but for me it is  personally not cost effective with the other options available.

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Readability of App


Accuracy of Information




Price (Based on App Alone)


Overall System Value



  • Clean Look
  • Multiple Payout Listings
  • Experienced Company


  • Can Be Slow
  • No Fee Visuals