There are two version of the Scotty Peeler first is the original plastic one that is about 6” long with a rounded tip for peeling.  Second is a rectangular metal one about the same length with a lubricate cover for the tip, the metal one is extremely sharp and can easily cut skin if not careful.

The 4 pack of Scotty Peelers, three plastic, one metal are generally just under ten dollars.

I first purchased a Scotty Peeler in November of 2013.  I now consider a set of these essential to my shipping process.  While shipping I have a Scotty Peeler near me at all times.  They will save you tons of time and pain while processing items, no more peeling stickers with your finger nails.  If you are anything like me you buy clearance that can have many stickers at times.  After peeling hundreds of stickers by hand these things are a life saver.

I personally prefer the metal one due the sharper edges and cover.  The sharper edge allows you to slide under stickers with greater ease and more consistent peel.  In my experience the plastic ones get the job done as well, just with more effort and not as clean of a peel on the sticker.

Now here is a short video of them in action!



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Scotty Peeler





  • Time Saver
  • Cost Efficient


  • Very Sharp