Scoutify is the real-time mobile scouting app creating by Inventory Lab.  Scoutify access is free with a subscription the Inventory Lab services which are $49/month or $490/year.

To utilize the Scoutify mobile app you must also have an Amazon pro merchant account which costs $39.99/month but also eliminates a $0.99/item transaction fee. You can also can give it a test go with a 30-day free trial.

Scoutify runs on the Apple iOS platform as well as the Android platform.  The screenshots from this review are from an iPhone.

With the Scoutify you can use either your internal phone camera to scan the barcode labels or an external USB device.  Both ways work very easily, it just depends on what is the most comfortable to you personally.

IMG_2024First as you can see with the images below Scoutify has a very clean, aesthetically pleasing look to it that makes the system easy to view and find information when needed.

Now let’s talk specs and take a look at some screen shots.  Here we have a screenshot of what comes up in Scoutify when we search for the DYMO 450 Turbo printer.  We can see that with Scoutify you see two lines of title, the category, the number of total offers and the current rank in the items category.

For the sake of this review we chose the one with the best rank of #165 in Office Product.  The next screen that we see here is once you have chosen the correct item you scanned and are looking at a detailed page to make an accurate purchasing decision.  We see that of the current 169 offers Scoutify shows us 12 of them, three new, five used, and four FBA.  For certain items this may not be enough info to make an accurate decision, but with the other tools that we will discuss below you can always get to more information.  Scoutify also shows you the size of the item+ how Amazon calculates it, in this case we see the DYMO is large standard sized.  This is a key determining factor when purchasing to make sure you dont get hit with oversize fees.IMG_2025

Next a little breakdown of some of the codes we see within the image above.  The lower case “a” represents Amazon as a seller on this item, this is important to know because often times that can be a very large deciding factor in making a purchase for resale.  The lower case “o” represent the item which currently has the buy box if there is one.  For the most part, in my experience with Scoutify I have not seen these indications incorrect, they have been pretty accurate for me which is a huge advantage when making decisions.  But, like many other apps that are not run by Amazon the information may never be 100% accurate due to the fact that they are pulling data through the Amazon API and not directly linked to their system, so errors may occasionally occur.  One of the more common errors that I have noticed with Scoutify is that occasionally it will not register a barcode when scanning with the internal phone camera.  This has happened to me multiple times and can be a frustration, it just takes some getting used to as Scoutify on an iOS platform uses an imager to grabbing barcode information versus a redline scanner.  When it grabs the barcode, it is much faster that a redline scanner, but sometimes it can take more effort.  I would say this is somewhere around a 0.5-1.0% rate of occurrence for me.

IMG_2027Next, we can take a look at the options you can enter when adding cost information.  As you can see on the image that you can choose whether you want to merchant fulfill or FBA the item and this plays a factor in determining what the commission will be.  So for #’s we can see that it shows the list price, we have selected the $84.99 one from Amazon, you can manually enter a buy cost and Scoutify will show you the profit when sold.  Also what is nice is that some of the fees are broken down such as the Amazon commission as well as FBA fees, and you can also add a shipping fee as well as sales tax when applicable.  This makes it very customizable and easy for a reseller to have a clear picture of the entire cost associated with purchasing an item for resale regardless of geographical location.

Last, I want to take a look at some of the features and external sources that Scoutify has built in.  As you can see from the screenshot here we have a scanned history whIMG_2026ich can go back hundreds of scans, it shows you your buy list if you enter that you are purchasing an item, and a settings section for shipping and taxes to preset at certain rates.  Also we have an array of external sources.  For instance, we can directly go to all active Prime listings on Amazon, instantly go to the details page on CamelCamelCamel, quickly check Book Scouter, Keepa, eBay and even Google.  These sources all operate within the Scoutify app so no extra browsers are opened up when doing these searches.  And with that one of the MOST valuable features that Scoutify has built in, the back button(applause here). You can now go back to a previous screen anytime you are using any of these external sources or even within a product detail page.  This really comes in handy when scanning items that may contain either singles or arrays of multi-packs.

Overall thoughts on Scoutify.  I have personally used Scoutify as my main app for sourcing for the last three months since it came out, the main reason is that I am also an active user of the Inventory Lab listing and accounting systems.  When Scoutify came out and was a free addition for Inventory Lab users I jumped on board right away to see how the app worked.  To me personally this app is great and gives a seller everything they need to make speedy accurate decision when in the store.  The value of the app is great if you are going to be a user of the Inventory Lab system, because all together you get alot for your $49 purchase. Lastly, $49/month for the app alone is a little pricey and the ratings will reflect that.

Thanks for reading and please leave your own reviews below.



Readability of App


Accuracy of Information




Price $49/Mo (Based on App Alone)


Overall System Value



  • Back Button
  • Clean Look
  • Cost Efficient
  • Accurate Data


  • Occasional Bad Barcode Grab
  • New To Market
  • Pricey if Not an Inventory Lab User