The Resellers Guide to Board Games is an eBook specifically about selling board games on both Amazon and eBay.  The book is written by Stephen Smotherman, who is a full time amazon seller, as well as the author of the blog:

A whole book specifically about board games you ask? The answer is a resounding yes.  This is a 61 page eBook that is dedicated to the topic.   So, lets take a look at the table of contents to see what important information is included in the book:



The first two chapters go over some of the reasons that board games are a good item to sell online, and discusses some of the reasons that there is fairly consistent demand for them.  These  2 chapters also discuss some of the pros and cons of selling new versus used games, and some of the nuances of Amazon and eBay about selling these games.

Chapter 3 gets into where to find board games to resell.  In the book Stephen lists 9 different sources that he has for sourcing board games.  At the time of reading this book, I had used 7 of 9 of these methods to source products to sell online, but not all 7 of them to source specifically board games to sell on amazon.  If you have sourced products to sell online before, it is likely that you have sourced from many of these places, but its not quite as likely that you have considered sourcing board games in those locations.  Most of the 9 locations are available in all areas and would be available to the vast majority of the population.

Chapter 4 covers some of the authors tips learned along the way to keep in mind when sourcing board games, and many of these are about sourcing pertaining to board games in particular.  These are valuable tips as both eBay and Amazon have different requirements for selling and Stephen is an experienced seller who knows the ins and outs.

Chapter 5 is a strategy that I have been using prior to, and more since, reading this eBook.  Sourcing on eBay for products to sell on amazon can be a great strategy, and this chapter covers how to find price differences between the 2 marketplaces to make a profit.   This chapter includes very detailed step by step instructions of how to source board games on eBay that should be able to be replicated by those reading the book.

Chapter 6 is all about how to prepare used board games for sale and shipping, including how Stephen prepares his used board games to send into FBA.  The information in this chapter is solid and covers what you need to know to ship board games, either to an end customer or an amazon warehouse.

I have to admit that the content covered in chapters 7 & 8 were not of particular interest to me, as I prefer to source new products, as well as maintain a higher average selling price.  This isnt to say that selling individual pieces cant be profitable, its just not something I am personally interested in doing.   These chapters cover many resources for both finding missing pieces if you need them, as well as where to sell individual pieces if you have them.  I was not aware of these places that are linked to in the book, so if selling/buying individual pieces is of interest to you these 2 chapters should have several resources that can help you.

Chapters 9 and 10 get into the details of the specific marketplaces Stephen is using to sell his board games.  The listing process for both amazon and eBay is included in this section, as well as a few tips for how to create quality listings on both marketplaces.

Chapter 11 provides some shipping tips that are related to shipping the board games to the end customer yourself.  Preparing/shipping board games to amazon is covered in more detail in chapter 6.

Chapter 12 provides some closing thoughts and encourages readers to take action on the information included in the book.

The most noteworthy bonus chapter is a list of 25 board games to be on the lookout for. This is a list of exact titles, and many of them are selling for over $100.  I have personally sold several of the games on the list, and will continue to look for the others.

Those are the highlights of what is included in the book, and some of my thoughts about it.  Now I will share some of my overall thoughts on the book.

One noteworthy item that I would have liked to see included in the book is the normal sales rank guidelines that Stephen uses when he is sourcing board games.   There is a link provided to a book about sales rank, but I would have liked to see Stephens normal guidelines included in the book.

The book also contains a fairly significant amount of information about selling used board games, and individual game pieces. Depending on what types of items you like to sell, you may want to factor this into your decision as to whether or not this eBook would be a good fit for you.  Personally, these are not strategies that I am likely to use, but the information contained on the topic is solid.

Overall, I think that this book did a very good job of covering how to sell board games online.  It takes the reader on a journey from why board games are good to resell, where to find them, and all the way to how to get the board games sold.  It really covers the whole process and includes many examples throughout the book, similar to this excerpt from the sales page (click to enlarge): Board Games Screenshot with examples



I think this book is best suited for someone who is relatively new to selling on amazon, or who has never sold board games, but is looking to expand into other niches.  If you are already an experienced amazon seller, I think there is information that you could benefit from, but much of the information you would already know.

That’s all I have for this review.  If you have questions for me, send me an email at, and if you have read this book yourself please leave a review below!

Resellers Guide to Board Games





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  • Provides Specific Items to Look For
  • Provides Examples


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