In this review I will cover the Zebra LP 2844 thermal label printer.  First will be some of the specs and features of the printer, then I will give an overview of my thoughts and experience with one.

The Zebra LP2844 is a thermal label printer that can print on many size labels, anywhere from 1” x 2 5/8” to what I use which are the 4” x 6” shipping labels.  The Zebra connects via USB Type A Type B to your laptop or PC.  Type A-B is just the tech term for the standard printer to USB connection.

The Zebra 2844 has multiple speed options that can be customized from 1.0-10.0.  According to the Zebra website the printing speed will affect the quality of the print and a lower speed is recommended for the best visual when quality needs to be improved.

As mentioned above the Zebra LP2844 has many label size options, these can be viewed on the Zebra website.  The size that seems most frequent and that I personally use are the 4 x 6 shipping labels.  I use rolls of 250 that are easily interchangeable if you will need to be constantly changing sizes, see video below for label changing.  Like most printers Zebra explains that in order to get the most quality visual print you should use the Zebra brand labels.  There are many 3rd-party labels available, and I personally have never had a problem with them.

Prices for these machines do vary greatly I have seem them as low as $80 and up to $140 for used models.  If you are choosing to purchase one keep you eyes out to get the best price.

I want to note that my personal opinions below are based on purchasing a used version of this printer.

Before using the Zebra label printer I was printing my shipment labels with my ink printer and taping them to boxes.  Not only was this a huge waste of resources but also a waste of my time.  I purchased the Zebra thermal printer about a year ago and it is one of the most essential things for any serious online seller.  It creates a much easier and more efficient process for printing and labeling not only FBA shipments but Amazon merchant fulfilled items and eBay items as well.

Some of the cons with the Zebra are that it was a bit tedious to get setup the first time and once I switched the USB port it was plugged into on my computer.  Some of the refurbished ones do not have up to date or the correct drivers installed on them therefore there may be some legwork that needs to be done initially during the setup phase.

Also occasionally I will send feeds to the printer and it will not print forcing me to turn off/on the Zebra briefly to get it to register again.  I mainly attribute this to purchasing a refurbished printer and having used it for about a year now.  This will not deter me in any way from continuing to use it and purchasing another LP2844 or similar printer from Zebra in the future.

Again I feel that this is a MUST have for any serious online seller whether you focus on Amazon/FBA or eBay.

Check out a short video below to the Zebra printer in action!


*Ratings are based on a used/refurbished Zebra printer as they are the most cost effective in my eyes to purchase.*

Zebra Thermal Printer




Ease of Use







  • Easily Links to PC
  • Fast Printing
  • Cheap and Reliable


  • Sometimes Will Have Difficulty Formatting
  • It is a Bit Bulky