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Scotty Peeler Review

There are two versions of the Scotty Peeler. The first is the original plastic peeler that is about 6” long with a rounded tip for peeling. Second is a rectangular metal peeler about the same length with a cover for the tip. I first purchased Scotty Peelers in November of 2013. I now consider a set of these essential to my shipping process. While shipping there is a Scotty Peeler or three near me at all times. They will save you tons of time and pain while processing items. No more peeling stickers with your finger nails. If you are anything like me you buy clearance that can have many stickers at times. After peeling hundreds of stickers by hand these things are a life saver. Truly, they are an indispensable tool for me. I personally prefer the metal one due the sharper edge and cover. The sharper edge allows you to slide under stickers with greater ease and more consistent peel. While the plastic ones tend to get the sticker goo stuck to them forcing you to clean them on a consistent basis. However, proceed with caution if using the metal rectangular peeler as the sides are sharp. Now here is a short video of them in...

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Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is the real-time mobile scouting app created by SellerEngine.  The cost is $9.99/month, it is available to download for free and can be used for up to 10 item scans per week for no charge. Profit runs on the Apple iOS platform as well as the Android platform.  For this review the screenshots are from an iPhone.  Also to utilize the Profit Bandit mobile app you must have an Amazon pro merchant account which costs $39.99/month but also eliminates a $.99 per item transaction fee. In order to utilize an external Bluetooth scanning device Profit Bandit has...

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Zebra LP2844

In this review I will cover the Zebra LP 2844 thermal label printer.  First will be some of the specs and features of the printer, then I will give an overview of my thoughts and experience with one. The Zebra LP2844 is a thermal label printer that can print on many size labels, anywhere from 1” x 2 5/8” to what I use which are the 4” x 6” shipping labels.  The Zebra connects via USB Type A Type B to your laptop or PC.  Type A-B is just the tech term for the standard printer to USB connection....

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Amazon Bootcamp

Amazon Boot Camp is a complete course by Jessica Larrew to teach you to how to sell on amazon.  A full review of this course will be coming soon. If you have taken this course, please take a moment and leave a review...

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dewable is a course by Andy Dew that teaches users how to sell products via the fulfillment by amazon program, as well as how to automate the process.  A full review will be coming soon. If you have taken this course, please leave a review...

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